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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't find what I am looking for?

We have many items in our shop that aren't listed on our website so if you are looking for something specific and cannot find it, please do get in touch to shop@essentiallyhops.co.uk. We would be delighted to try and help.

Where is my order?

Orders take 2-5 working days (Mon - Fri) with a standard delivery, although may take longer in the run up to Christmas. Orders placed after midday are usually packed and dispatched the following working day. We will send you an email to confirm your order and to let you know when it is on the way, and you should receive a tracking number from your courier. If you have not received an email from us please check your junk folder or let us know at shop@essentiallyhops.co.uk.

What's the difference between a fresh hop garland and a dried one?

Hop Garlands are traditionally hung in the home the day they are picked. This can only be done at harvest (late August - early September) each year, so we dry the hop garlands so that we can store them to be hung throughout the rest of the year.

Fresh hops MUST be taken out of the box and put up as soon as you receive them, as they will not keep. They are better value than dried as you can fit more in a box, but they do change shape as they dry naturally in your home. Dried hops can be kept to hang whenever you are ready and at the end of the day the result is exactly the same. If you need more advice please do get in touch at shop@essentiallyhops.co.uk.

We take great care in producing our fresh hop garlands, and always aim to make sure they are clean and free from insects before we send them out. Occasionally though, despite our best efforts, mother nature can get the better of us, such is the joy of dealing with a natural product! If you would prefer not to take the risk of extra insects or have a premises that serves food or drink under the area you plan to hang your hops, we would advise dried garlands.

How do I hang my hop garland?

The decorative hop garland is not ready made - it has been carefully grown and trained to create this length of hops. The top 10 foot is cut for you to hang and create the finished garland in your home.

We recommend securing the hops using large cup hooks, approximately a meter apart which you can hook the main stem over (like a picture frame). Once in place cut to the length you require and then trim and tuck to make the garland look good.

You will need to spend at least half an hour putting up and arranging your hops. Always put down a dust sheet to work on - hops have sticky pollen and lupulin that can be difficult to remove. All our hop garlands arrive with an instruction leaflet and do get in touch if you need more help. You can also watch our Hop Hanging Video.

How often do I need to replace my dried flowers and hops?

Although hops and dried flowers will last for many years, the colour will fade and they will collect dust. We recommend replacing hop garlands every year (ideally at hop picking) and your dried flowers between 6-12 months.

Can I have an arrangement made to order?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on creating designs that fit exactly what our customers require. In an ideal world, we recommend visiting our shop for ideas and to talk directly with our florists. Offering a bespoke design service remotely by mail order takes a little more time but furnished with as much information as you can muster, we have much experience in satisfying our online customers who do not live locally.

Do you send overseas?

We will happily try, however shipping overseas is very expensive. Please email shop@essentiallyhops.co.uk with the items you would like to order and to where and we can calculate a shipping cost. Alternatively you are welcome to arrange your own courier to collect. Certain items we will not be able to send due to customs regulations.

Do you supply trade?

Yes we do. We offer 5% off orders over £200 and 15% off orders over £300. You can place your order on our website now and the discount will apply automatically. We may be able to offer better prices, particularly on our own stock hops and dried flowers, for orders over £500. Please email trade@essentiallyhops.co.uk with details of what you would like to order.

How can I get a reminder when you have new hops in stock?

For new season hop plants please subscribe to our newsletter to receive our hop picking email and notification when you can start to pre-order the current years hops.

I'm having problems completing my order:

It won't accept my delivery address

I can't add an item to my cart

It won't accept my payment method

It won't accept the quantity I want to buy

If you have any problems ordering on our site please contact our website manager at marketing@essentiallyhops.co.uk or call 01227 830666.

My hop plant hasn't grown

Do take a look at our Hop Growing guide and bear in mind that different varieties will grow at different rates and different times. We carefully check every plant before we send it out. Hop plants are tough and generally easy to grow - if you have a clay soil try digging in some soil improver. Make sure your plant is getting sun and plenty to drink. If you have tried these basic steps and need further advice please take a few clear photos and send to us at shop@essentiallyhops.co.uk.

What if I want to cancel or return my order?

Please email us with your order number to cancel your order. You can find more information on our Cancellation and Refunds policy at the bottom of the page.

How much beer can I produce from one Hop garland?

This is very difficult to say - how long is a piece of string? It will depend on many factors, including your hop variety, and how many buds your plant produces in a given year, which depends on the weather, where it has been planted, and how happy your plant is in its position. It then also comes down to how many hops you want to put in your beer, and I'm afraid we are not brewers and we can't help with that.

Will my dried/fresh garland stain my walls/wooden furniture?

The fresh hops are moist and the sap does dry brown on walls under the garland sometimes. The fresh sap can stain fabrics and clothes so it's always advisable to put down a sheet whether you handle fresh or dried hops.

Botanically, is the 'flower' on a hop garland actually a flower or is it a fruit or cone?

It is a flower.

Is there anything we can do to make Hops last longer?

Growing hops die back each season just like other perennial plants. Your dried hop garland will last forever if stored correctly in a dark and dry space. Once hanging in the light the colour will fade over time.

What can I do to control pests on my growing hop plant?

Problem pests are mainly green fly & red spider mite, and these can be controlled as you would on other plants, such as spraying with a very dilute solution of washing liquid. Ladybirds are to be welcomed as they will eat the green fly. Problem diseases are mildew & wilt.

When will items be back in stock?

Fresh hop garlands are harvested end of August to early September and are ONLY available during this time. You can pre-order your fresh hop garland from July.

Hop plants dispatch starts in December. If we sell out we will have new plants available for pre-order from October.

Most dried flowers become available towards the end of summer, but please keep checking back on our website.

Is my Hop plant alive, Upside down?

Your plant has been kept dormant in the cold and dark, as it would be naturally in winter. All bare root plants are checked for signs of life before they are dispatched. From this small piece of propagated root, a large plant will emerge in the spring. Take a look at our Growing Hops guide for advice on how to plant your hops.

What do I do after I cut the hops down?

Leave the rest of the plant until after the first frosts and all the goodness has gone back into the root. By mid-December you can cut the dead stalk back to the ground.

Can I dry hops at home?

Yes, our fresh hops garlands hanging in your home or premises will dry natural over time. Do not seal fresh hops in a box as they will go bad.

Are hop plants male or female?

Female. We do not supply male hop plants. The hop is dioecious which means it has separate male and female plants. This is necessary to produce seeds in the flowers, which gives a more bitter flavour to your beer. Lagers use seedless hops.

Hop flowers are produced by the female plant regardless of whether a male fertilises it.

Hops are wind pollinated and most areas of the UK have wild hops growing in the hedgerows so you are very unlikely to be able to grow seedless hops anyway.