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Our Flower Fields

We grow many different varieties of flower; some are perennial but most are annuals. They are drilled (planted) either in the autumn or in the spring ready to start harvest May/June until the first frosts arrive in the autumn. Everything is grown in the open ground. We have no tunnels or protection and the best time to see the flower fields in full bloom is July.

Fresh flowers are available at the shop between late May-September.

Cutting Garden

Walk through our shop and you will find a door at the back which, during the summer months, is open for customers to wander. We have a small piece of ground that is planted up with a wide variety of plants grown for cutting; to supplement the fresh flowers in the shop, specifically for drying and a selection of evergreens which we use predominantly for Christmas flower arranging.

The farm tends to grow annual flowers which fit nicely into the arable rotation but it is the more unusual perennial varieties of flowers and plants that are more sought after as a florist. There is only so much pilfering and pinching one can do from friends and family that have mature gardens with beautiful shrubs, perennials and foliage, so three years ago we decided to make use of this small space of land and establish a cutting garden of our own. Every year we add more plants, but it is still very immature.

We are very happy to help any neighbour or customer who needs to cut back their shrubs. Much holly, conifer, evergreen, ivy, twisted willow, pampas, teasels, hydrangea, and bay, to name a few, have been sourced like that to the benefit of both parties.