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Farm Walks & Flower Talks

Walks & Talks At Chalkpit Farm

Farm walks, although possible all year round, are best during the summer when the flower fields are in full production. Unfortunately it is never possible to see all the flowers and hops looking their best, because each variety matures at a different time. For example, the perennial flowers mature first, followed by the annuals and lastly the hops.

Lavender picking starts in early July, mid July - mid august is perfect for the flower fields and the hops look fantastic late August. They are usually held early evening, and last for approximately an hour and a half. Group sizes of 25-30 is perfect, but we try to cater for most requests. Mike takes the tours, which ends at our shop in Chalkpit Farm. Refreshments can be booked in advance but are not included in the fee. Sensible shoes are essential, and although we welcome the less mobile & elderly, unfortunately wheelchair access is not possible on the flower fields. Wet weather rarely causes cancellation but never say never!!

Our florists are happy to demonstrate flower arranging at the shop at the farm. Booking must be made in advance. The perfect sized group is 10-15 people and the demonstrations last approximately 1 hour.

Farm walks and flower arranging demonstrations have to be booked in advance and prices are available on application.

A Cream Tea or refreshments can be booked separately for either of these events at MAMAFEELGOODS coffee shop next door.

Talks at a venue of your choice

We are happy to visit your meeting venue to give a slide presentation "Growing Hops & Flowers for the decorative market" (can usually be geared toward the interest of the group e.g. specializing on hops past & present if necessary). We would normally bring a selection of our products for sale at the end of the talk. It lasts for about 40-60minutes.

Full payment is required in advance, prices are available on application. There is no refund if cancellation made within 24 hours of agreed date, 50% refund if cancellation is within 5 days of agreed date.


We have a number of workshops throughout the year. Take a look at our Events and Workshops page to see what we have coming up and book your place!