Arranging a funeral and selecting the perfect flowers can be difficult during an emotional time, but the flowers you choose can help you feel connected to your loved one in celebrating their life.

Here, we share the meanings behind different funeral flowers and their colours and hope this helps you with your decision.

Funeral flower colours

The most important thing to remember when choosing funeral flowers is to select colours that mean something to you, or were favourites of your loved one. This will ensure that your arrangement feels personal and special.

If you’re struggling to decide on funeral flower colours, these traditional meanings might help:

  • Red – Love & strength
  • Blue – Peace & sympathy
  • Orange – Warmth
  • Purple – Admiration & respect
  • Yellow – Friendship
  • Pink – Compassion & grace
  • Green – Renewal
  • White – Elegance & reverence

Traditional funeral flowers

As with colours, it’s important to choose funeral flowers that reflect you and you loved one. There are a number of traditional choices people often select due to their meanings which you may like to consider.


Available in a range of colours, roses have multiple meanings that make them a lovely funeral flower option. Red roses symbolise love, pink roses represent gratitude, and yellow roses signify a special friendship.


Hydrangeas represent gratitude, grace, and beauty, making them the perfect choice for funeral flower arrangements.


A delicate, pretty addition to arrangements, daisies represent a heartfelt farewell. These flowers also symbolise peace and hope, beautiful sentiments for saying goodbye to a loved one.


Perfect for adding symbolic purple to funeral flower arrangement, lavender has a gorgeous fragrance and represents purity and devotion.


Synonymous with remembering those lost during war, poppies are a sign of comfort and consolation, making them a lovely choice for funeral and sympathy flowers.


A vibrant flower signifying loyalty and adoration, sunflowers are a beautiful addition to funeral flower arrangements. Due to their yellow colour, include these in arrangements for special friends.

Types and costs of funeral flower arrangements

Funeral flower arrangements come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including wreaths, stooks, garlands, and casket funeral flowers. It’s understandable that you’ll be looking for the perfect flowers for your loved one’s funeral and may have a specific budget to work with.

We offer a number of ready-made dried flower arrangements perfect for funerals, or you can work with our florists to create something bespoke. Prices range from around £25 for a stook and £35 for a wreath, providing a beautiful option regardless of how much you plan to spend.

Why choose dried funeral flowers?

There are numerous reasons to choose dried funeral flowers over fresh options. Available in the same colours as fresh blooms, dried flowers can be carefully chosen and expertly arranged to show how much you care.

Dried flowers are a long lasting, environmentally-friendly funeral option. You can take the arrangement home with you to admire as you remember your loved one, with many dried flowers lasting for 3+ years when cared for correctly.

We hope that our guide to funeral flowers has helped you make important decisions about your arrangements. For further advice and to discuss your thoughts, please contact our compassionate florists who will be happy to help.