There are many reasons to book a flower arranging workshop. Immerse yourself in something creative, catch-up with friends, learn a new skill, and take home your unique creation.

1. Learn from a professional florist

If you’d like to start flower arranging as a hobby, a workshop can be a great first step. Learn skills from a professional florist, find out about the required materials, and ask any questions you have.  At Essentially Hops, our florists are friendly, knowledgeable, and love to share tips and advice with those looking to learn. You can also pick up supplies from our shop once you’ve completed your workshop – we have a huge variety of dried flowers and artificial decorations to choose from.


Flower arranging workshop


2. A wholesome hen party

Wholesome hen parties are becoming increasingly popular, with daytime activities often being chosen over a traditional night out. Getting friends and family together to make dried flower bouquets or wreaths for a hen party, or any other reason, offers a lovely opportunity to have fun and catch-up. Whether you’re competitive or not with your arrangements is up to you!

3. Make time for mindfulness

In a time when we’re all rushing around with little time for self-care, attending a flower arranging workshop provides a couple of hours away from your busy schedule. Crafting is considered to be great for reducing stress levels, and getting creative with beautiful dried flowers is the perfect way to relax your mind. Our workshops are held at our charming dried flower shop located in the stunning Kentish countryside, so it’ll feel like a true escape from everyday life.


Making a lavender wreath

4. A lovely gift

Struggling to find the perfect present for a loved one? A flower arranging workshop is a great option. Gifting activities is ideal when you just can’t find the right thing in the shops and, with flower arranging, the recipient will have something to take home at the end of their experience. Our workshops are friendly and inviting, so your friend or family member will feel at home, or you could decide to book yourself a spot too. You can buy a gift voucher online or simply book the recipient a space directly.

5. Different workshops to choose from

At Essentially Hops, we offer a range of different workshops, so you can find an option that suits you. From arranging dried flower bouquets to creating hop wreaths, make your very own floral masterpiece to take home. Depending on the workshop you choose, and the time of year, you might have the opportunity to visit our flower fields too, particularly when our lavender is in bloom.

We host workshops throughout the year. Take a look at our upcoming flower arranging workshops and check back for new additions.