Fresh versus Dried Hop Garlands


Fresh Hop Garlands

Fresh hop garlands are only available during harvest, which runs from the end of August until mid-September.  Fresh hop garlands are especially vibrant and fragrant, and a bit easier to handle when you are hanging them in your home or venue. They must be hung as soon as they arrive though, as they will not keep in the box.

It is important to note that these freshly picked hop garlands are picked and sent the same day. While we make every effort to ensure there are no insects living on the growing garland when it is picked, we cannot guarantee that you won’t find tiny bugs that drop from your garland for a few days after hanging while it naturally dries.

Fresh Hop Garlands still need trimming and the big fresh leaves removed, but will dry in your home within a week of hanging.  The end product is a dried garland, but it has dried in situ and therefore often looks more natural and is easier to shape.

Take a look at our Guide to Hanging Fresh Hop Garlands video.


Dried Hop Garlands

So that we can have hop garlands for longer, prolonging our season, we kiln dry our hop garlands and store them carefully in boxes, ready for customers wanting hops throughout the rest of the year. Our Dried Hop Garlands still have a beautiful vibrant colour and aroma, however this slowly deteriorates over time. The benefit of dried hop garlands, then, is that they can be stored for use at a later date, and what you see in the box, is what you will see hung in situ. They are more delicate to handle and not as flexible, and you will have some petals dropping while you are hanging it. We recommend you condition your dried hop garland, which means opening the box and allowing moisture from the air to be drawn back in to the garland, making it much easier to handle.  Once a dried hop garland is in place it is just as good!

Take a look at our Guide to Hanging Dried Hop Garlands video.