What variety of hops is best for my location?

All of our varieties will grow quite happily throughout the UK. Hops like a period of cold during the winter which spurs them in to growth in spring, a process called vernalisation.

If your location has cold cross winds do try to find a sheltered spot.

If you have a heavy clay soil, dig in some grit and general purpose compost to improve drainage and aeration – hops don’t like to sit in water.


What variety of hops is best for growing in containers?

There isn’t a variety that has been specially developed for growing in containers and so it isn’t possible to recommend one over another. Hops like to get their roots down nice and deep and so when it comes to containers, the bigger the better. If growing hops in a container you are likely to see its growth is a bit limited.


What variety of hops is best for brewing ales / lagers / IPAs, etc?

Take a look at our bare root hop plants page and use the filter for ‘Brew Style’.  We are not brewers and this is not a comprehensive list, so you will need to do a bit of your own research.


What variety of hops is best for my screening?

An older variety will usually have longer lateral shoots, such as Fuggle or a Golding like Cobbs. These varieties will climb up a trellis without the need for much training, but to get good cover you can fan train the shoots.  Once the shoots get to the desired height you pinch out the tips and this will encourage more side shoots to give you more cover.