Dried hops for decoration

We think hops are beautiful, vibrant plants that not only produce unique aromas, but also look fantastic in a variety of settings; from barn weddings to events, exhibitions and funerals… and if you want to get back to more traditional way of decorating your home, hanging hops IS the perfect way to do it.

We’ve been growing hops for over 100 years and it is still an iconic part of our local landscape and heritage. Some say, if you have hops in your home you will never want and always have some change in your pocket; while others use the fragrance would ward off flies and kitchen/pub odours, in the days when air freshener were not available…

…We believe they also bring good luck for the year ahead!

Dried Natural Hop Garlands

Grown here at the farm, our dried hop garlands are approx. 7-9ft in length and carefully stored to preserve their colour and aroma. Hops grow naturally thicker at one end of the bine.

Dried Mini Hop Garlands

Grown here at the farm, our dried mini hop garlands are approx 1.5 to 2 metres in length and ideal for smaller displays.

Dried Hop Bunches

Dried hop bunches are perfect for smaller spaces or for using in your floral craft projects and arrangements. Each dried hop bunch is approx. 40 – 50cm long by 30cm wide.

Dried Prepared Hop Garlands

The prepared Hop Garland is a natural garland that has been prepared by our florist for decorative use. Measures up at approximately 4ft long and approx 6 to 8 inches wide. Please allow two weeks for make up and delivery.

Decorative Dried Flower & Hop Garlands

Prepared by our florists, our decorative dried flower and dried hop garlands are perfect for table centres, tributes or to display around the home. Decorative garlands are usually 90cm long and are available with varieties of dried flower.

Hops for Sleeping

The aroma of hops can help you to drift off to sleep, especially when mixed with our equally calming dried lavender. Presented in an organza bag, our hops for sleeping are a lovely treat for yourself or a great gift.

*Free delivery is available to Mainland UK for orders over £75. For other areas we have a reduced shipping rate.