The hop plant or latin ‘humulus lupulus‘ is a veracious, dioecious climbing plant; although its the female plant which bears the hops or cones. The term ‘rhizome‘ (an ancient Greek term that means ‘mass of roots’) generally refers to a subterranean plant stem that sends out roots (up to a depth of nearly 4m) and shoots from its nodes.

The plants themselves are perennial which means they die and re-grow every year, and are usually productive for around 10 to 20 years… sometimes more! Supported by a framework of wooden poles, wirework and string, the plants are ‘trained’ to grow to a height of at least 5m. During July they begin to flower and their cones begin to develop and by mid-August (and depending on the type of hop plant), they are usually ready to Harvest.


Types of Hop Plants & Varieties

There are roughly 150 types of hops across the world; with more being bred and developed all the time, usually to enhance flavour and aroma for brewing.

At Essentially Hops, we stock many of the main varieties of hop plants; each with their own unique set of attributes and characteristics (You can view the full hop profile on the main product pages).

You can view all of our hop plants below: