Traditionally grown in the counties of Kent and Hereford, brewers prefer UK hops as our farmers usually grow seeded varieties that are best suited for real ale or beer. Lagers use a different seedless hop grown in other countries in Europe. It is the hops that add the bitterness and aroma to beer.


Kent is known for two famous breweries, Whitbread Fremlins and Shepherds Neame, and both used hops grown locally on their own hop farms around Sittingbourne and Faversham. Whitbread closed its Faversham brewery in the 1990’s but Shepherd Neame has been brewing continuously since 1698, longer than any other brewery in Britain.


Before we started Essentially Hops, all the hops grown on our farm were supplied for brewing…… most of our hops went to Bass Charrington and Truman beers. Now that we specialise in growing hops for decoration, less of our crop are sold for brewing but we do have a limited supply of plump unpressed dried hop cones that we “liberate” from the kiln at hop picking before they get pressed into hop pockets. Dry hopping with loose hops will give more flavor and aroma to your final beer. We sell these plump, unpressed hop cones in small 100g bags or by the kilogram.

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