Whether you’re new to crafting or have enjoyed being creative for years, there are some lovely designs you can make using dried flowers.

Here, we share five things to make with dried flowers that you can try regardless of your experience.



Design a dried flower arrangement

Make a drid flower arrangement

Designing an arrangement using dried flowers is a great way to get started. Select a vase, decorative jug, or alternative vessel of your choice, and choose the colour palette you’d like to work with. Once you’ve bought your dried flowers, experiment with different combinations until you’re happy with your design. Varying the lengths of your stems will provide depth and an aesthetically pleasing shape. Watch how to make an eco-friendly dried flower arrangement.

Top flowers for dried flower arrangements:

Inspiration: Started with a Kiss

Make a seasonal wreath Make a dried flower wreath

Wreaths are a great decorative item and beautiful examples can be made using dried flowers. There are many wreath bases to choose from in different shapes, sizes, and materials, so you can choose the one that best suits you. Select flowers based on the season you’re creating your wreath for e.g. autumn, Easter, or Christmas. Dried flower wreaths look fabulous hung on doors and walls, and they make a lovely gift too. Watch how to make a dried flower wreath.

Top flowers for dried flower wreaths:

Inspiration: Made with Love


Fashion a dried flower crownDesign a dried flower crown

Dried flower crowns are perfect for weddings, festivals, and other celebrations. Flowers can be chosen to suit your theme, outfit, or the season you’re celebrating in. If you’d like a hair accessory that’s a little more subtle than a flower crown, you can also use dried flowers to decorate hair combs, clips, and alice bands. Alternatively, you can make a tiny bunch and simply add it to your hair using grips.

Top flowers for dried flower crowns:

Inspiration: Larkspur Bridal Crown


Build a bridal bouquetMake a dried flower bridal bouquet

Making your own bridal bouquet enables you to add your own unique touch to your wedding day, and you can even branch out and make bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, and table decorations too. Using dried flowers, you can create a full or simple bouquet depending on your style and opt for bright or rustic designs. You can also enjoy your dried flower bouquet for many years following your wedding as it will make a sentimental home décor item.

Top flowers for dried bridal bouquets:

Inspiration: Lavender Blue Bridal Bouquet


Create a table centrepieceDried flower table centrepiece

Ideal for special occasions, weddings, or to brighten up your dining area, centrepieces are a great addition to any table. A centrepiece can be made to suit the size and shape of your table, with round designs ideal for small tables and garlands perfect for longer tables. You could also add mini dried flower bunches to jars and bottles to create a pretty display for the centre of your table. Centrepieces can be seasonal e.g. spring flowers for Easter and festive options for Christmas.

Top flowers for dried flower centrepieces:

Inspiration: Natural Dried Hop Garland



We hope we’ve inspired you to create your very own dried flower masterpieces. Take a look at our huge range of dried flowers for crafting and have fun choosing your favourites.