Fresh hop garlands offer a natural way to decorate your home, garden, or venue. With a lush colour, fresh fragrance, and attractive shape, it’s unsurprising that people have been hanging decorative hops for many years.

Here, we share 5 ways to display fresh hops to provide some inspiration for your own garland.

1. Across kitchen cupboards

Add a fresh hop garland to your kitchen for instant traditional style. Garlands look lovely draped across the tops of kitchen cupboards and bring a fresh fragrance to the room, too. Fresh hops complement most décor schemes and will perfectly suit both painted and wooden kitchen cupboards.

Fresh hops hanging in a kitchen.

2. Above your fireplace

A fireplace is the perfect place for a fresh hop garland. As a decorative piece, hops can create a traditional or rustic look, making them particularly popular with those living in farmhouses, cottages, and other characteristic homes. Once hung, your fresh hop garland will dry naturally in place so you can continue to enjoy it above your fireplace until you buy your new fresh garland the following year. Please be aware: Hops should never be hung over naked flames or within reach of open fire sparks.

Fresh hops hanging over a fireplace

3. Around a pergola

Fresh hops look great indoors, but can also be a fabulous garden decoration. Hang your fresh hop garland around a pergola for a pretty garden addition that will instantly bring extra, natural greenery to your outdoor space. Whether your pergola covers seating, a dining area, or even a hot tub, a hop garland is sure to add charm and character.

Fresh hop decor in a garden

4. Along a bar

Due to being used for brewing beer, fresh hops are perfect for bar décor, whether this is in a pub or a home bar. Their distinctive fragrance will provide a traditional scent, and their green hue beautifully complements all wood tones. Love all things beer? You could also have a go at growing your own hops which could then be used for both brewing and décor.

Fresh hops hanging in a bar

5. At your wedding venue

Fresh hops are a gorgeous addition to weddings venues, particularly those in the countryside, with a rustic vibe, or a traditional feel. Hops are hung to bring good luck, making them a symbolic option for wedding décor and perfect for couples embarking on married life. Fresh hops look fantastic with white linen and can be hung in the venue and then collected to take home and dry following the wedding.

Decorated Hops at Wedding

Buying fresh hops

Fresh hop garlands are only available during hop season, which typically takes place for a month from mid-August. We open preorders from the end of May/beginning of June. Traditionally, people replace their fresh hop garland every year to bring good luck into their home. Don’t forget, your fresh garland will dry naturally and continue to be a lovely decorative piece long after the season has ended.

Find out how to hang fresh hops in our handy video.

If you’ve missed hop season, you can buy dried hops to hang in your home year round. We also sell decorative hop garlands which are around three feet long and combine hops with striking dried flowers.

Purchase one of our fresh hop garlands for home delivery or collection from our Kent farm.