Like most home décor items, dried flowers can get dusty over time. Cleaning your dried blooms is an easy task and will help to maintain them.

Here, we share tips on how to clean dried flowers so they continue looking great in your home.

How often should I clean my dried flowers?

As with other decorative pieces in your home, you’ll be able to see when your dried flowers could do with a clean. If your blooms are in a vessel, such as a jar or vase, remember to dust inside this too. You might find that moisture gathers here in the warmer months, so it’s just as important to maintain the vessel as it is the flowers themselves.



What can I use to clean my dried flowers?

There are numerous ways you can clean dried flowers. Whichever method you choose, remember to work slowly and carefully to avoid damage.

Compressed air sprays

Compressed air sprays, like those sold to clean electronics, offer an effective way to clean dried flowers. Spray the air onto the flowers to instantly remove excess dust.

Remember, the spray jet can be quite powerful, so don’t hold the spray can nozzle too close to the flowers, this will ensure that they don’t become damaged.


If you don’t have a compressed air spray to hand, a hairdryer can be used to clean dried flowers in the same way. Set the hairdryer to a low speed and use the cold setting to avoid damaging your flowers.

Slowly blow the cold air onto your dried blooms to banish any dust that has settled on them over time.

Feather duster

A feather duster is another tried and tested method for cleaning dried flowers, particularly larger, sturdier displays. For more delicate arrangements, swap your feather duster for a small paintbrush or make-up brush which will enable you to clean between the flowers.



What should I avoid when cleaning dried flowers?

It may seem obvious, but you shouldn’t use any liquid when cleaning dried flowers, including water and cleaning sprays. Ensure that dusters and brushes are completely dry before using them on your display.

If you decide to wash the vase, bottle, or jar that your flowers are displayed in, make sure this is 100% dry before returning your arrangement to it.

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