Dried flowers offer a charming way to decorate your home, and last a lot longer than their fresh counterparts when cared for correctly.

Here, we provide tips on how to display dried flowers so that they stay looking great for as long as possible.

Keep your dried flowers indoors

Display your dried flowers and dried flower arrangements indoors to prolong their life and protect them from the elements. You’ll find that your dried blooms will look great in any room of the house and provide character and charm.

Sideboards, dining tables, bedside cabinets, and coffee tables are all great options for dried flowers, especially when set away from windows. Avoid bathrooms due to the moisture and conservatories which are too bright.

Of course, you can display your dried flowers outside for an al fresco dinner, wedding, or garden party, but be sure to take them indoors once your event is over.




Avoid direct sunlight

Choose a shady spot away from direct sunlight to display your dried flowers. Exposure to sunlight, and other bright lights, will cause the colour to fade rapidly. This is especially important for vibrant dried flowers which will dull quickly over time.

Keeping your dried flowers in the sun can also cause them to become very brittle. Brittle blooms are prone to damage which means that they’re unlikely to last as long.


Display dried flowers in a dry space

Keeping your dried flowers dry is integral in ensuring they last. Avoid keeping dried bouquets or arrangements in rooms or areas prone to damp or high humidity. Contact with moisture can cause your dried blooms to turn limp, go brown, or grow mould.

Whilst our own dried flowers are kiln-dried, exposure to moisture can cause flowers that have been preserved in a glycerine solution to weep from their stems or pores onto surfaces. You can try sealing stems with hot glue or wax if this happens.



Find out how to store dried flowers correctly if you’re looking to pack your blooms away, or how to clean dried flowers should you be keeping them on display.

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