If you have dried flowers that you need to store, either before or after use, it’s important that these are stored correctly to ensure they stay looking their best.

Here, we share how to store dried flowers in a way that protects and preserves them.


Why store dried flowers?

Like fresh flowers, dried flowers have a finite shelf life which can be extended when they’re maintained and cared for over time.

There are a number of reasons you may want to store dried flowers, including:

  • A gift that has been bought in advance
  • Wedding flowers prior to your wedding date
  • Sentimental dried flowers that you’d like to keep but not display

Regardless of whether your dried flowers have been used for their intended purpose or not, storing them in the right way will mean that you can enjoy them for many years.



Storing dried stems and small bunches

If you’re storing dried flower stems or small bunches, it’s best to wrap them in dry paper or newspaper to prevent them from drawing in moisture from the air. Once the dried flowers are wrapped, place them in a cardboard box and seal this well to prevent them from being crushed and protect them from insects or moths.

Store the box away from damp, humid, or overly dry environments, such as basements and attics, as moisture will deteriorate the flowers and lack of ventilation can cause them to perish.


Stored dried flowers in a box.


Storing dried wedding bouquets & arrangements

When storing dried flower bouquets and arrangements, they should be kept as they would be displayed rather than laying on their side. This will help them to retain shape and composition. Laying them on their side for any length of time will lead to flattened, misshapen arrangements.

We recommend placing a light cloth over your bouquets or arrangements rather than wrapping them in paper. This will ensure that they keep their shape. Once covered, store them in a box away from damp, humid, and excessively dry environments.

If you’re hoping to order and store dried wedding flowers, it’s vital that you purchase these at the optimum time. We recommend placing your order a maximum of 14 days before your wedding. The closer to your special day they’re ordered, the less you’ll need to worry about storing them safely.



How long do stored dried flowers last for?

When stored and maintained correctly, dried flowers can last in storage for several years. When displayed, they typically last for 2-3 years. Find out more about how to display dried flowers.

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