How to store dried flowers

If you will be storing dried flower stems or small bunches then its best to wrap them in some paper or newspaper to prevent them from drawing in moisture from the environment and from the air. Once the dried flowers are wrapped, place them in a sealed, cardboard box to ensure they do not get accidentally crushed or eaten by insects such as moths. Store the box away from damp and humid environments such as basements as moisture will deteriorate the flowers, and away from overly dry areas, like attics.

Remember, much like fresh flowers are perishable; dried flowers are a transient and impermanent product; they do have a finite shelf life, based on how they are maintained and cared for over time.

…for our wedding bouquets & arrangements

With regard to storing dried flower bouquets and wedding flowers; all of our bridal bouquets have been design to stand up, so this is the best way to store them to retain shape and composition; laying them on the side for any length of time will lead to flattening and miss-shaped arrangements.

We do not recommend wrapping them in paper as this will damage the arrangements. Instead, place a light cloth over them and keep them in a box away from damp and humid environments such as basements (as moisture will deteriorate the flowers) and away from overly dry areas, like attics.

Its also important to order you dried wedding flowers at the right time. We recommend a maximum of 14 days before your special day; sooner if possible to ensure your flowers are an ideal condition.



How to display dried flowers

Its best to display your dried flowers and dried flower arrangements indoors to prolong their life and protect them from the elements.

Keep them away from direct sunlight and areas of bright light, as this will cause the colour to fade rapidly and can make the dried flowers very brittle.

Avoid keeping dried flower arrangements in rooms or areas with high humidity and moisture, as can cause them to turn limp, brown or even to get mouldy.

Whilst our own dried flowers are kiln-dried; exposure to moisture can cause some flowers (that have been preserved in a glycerin solution) to “weep” from the stems or pores and drip onto nearby surfaces. If the dripping is happening from a stem, try sealing it with hot glue or wax.

How to care for and clean dried flowers

Like most things on display in our homes. Dried flowers can also get dirty and dusty, and will need cleaning from time to time. You can do this in a few ways.

Compressed air sprays like those sold to clean electronics are a good method. Spray the air onto dried flowers to eliminate and removed access dust. Remember the spray jet can be quite powerful so use common sense and ensure spray can nozzle is not too close to the flowers, otherwise you will damage them.

Hair dryers are another effective method. You can clean dried arrangements using a hair dryer set on ‘low speed’ AND ‘no heat’ settings to avoid damage to the flowers.

A good old fashioned feather duster is also a tried and tested method for sturdier arrangements, but again, you need to use common sense and be as gentle as you can whilst cleaning.