With October now well underway and storm Babet hovering overhead, it’s jolly good that the majority of our harvest is now completed; with the final few (late) larkspur picked and dried a few weeks ago.

Of course the same can not be said for a few of our farming neighbours here in East Kent who are still in the midst of harvesting potatoes, top fruit (those grown on trees) and even grapes; so lets wish them good luck finishing their harvests and wave goodbye to those long summer days which have started to draw to a close; seemingly without warning.

But of course earlier, darker evenings do facilitate the need for new light, specifically lots of new farm yard lights and decorations that have been turning up at the farm this week in preparation for Christmas. YES…. we do appreciate it may seem a little early to talk about ‘the festive period’ but given that we (as a farming community) grow, design or hand-make the majority of our produce; it’s important to start early. With that in mind, we already have some stunning luxury Christmas door wreaths designed, festive flower arrangements created AND Kent Christmas trees growing (all of which are available to pre-order online now).

Speaking of growing produce (and planning way ahead), we’ve also been out in the fields preparing for next season and installing new hedgerows that we hope will become teeming habitats or ‘corridors of wildlife’ which all help to halt biodiversity decline and climate change. All the fields have been fully cultivated and we’ve also started drilling a few acres of arable that include Triticum (Wheat) and oilseed rape (Rapeseed); we’ve even planted some Autumn Larkspur.

Next on the seasonal farming agenda is the first frost, so keep a weather-eye on your windscreens in the mornings and know that when your scraping off the frost with cold hands or waiting for the screen to clear, we’ll be out in the hop gardens replacing old and dead hop plants for new ones. We’ll also be lifting more new hop plants from the cold soil in late Autumn, many of which you can pre-order now.

Staying on the theme of dead things coming out of the ground… Halloween is nearly upon us and we have some wicked floral treats available at the farm shop; from mini dried pumpkins to gothic wedding bouquets. The harvest has also replenished many of our dried flower and grass varieties; many of ‘witch’ are available in a full spectrum of colour that of course include All Hallows’ colours such as purple, orange and black. In addition to those ‘treats’, you can also learn some new ‘tricks’ at our fun and friendly workshops hosted by our fabulous florist Emma; so pop down on your broom or send us a Raven to find out more.

Lastly, we also need to ‘remember, remember’ something else that is happening?! Is it the clocks going back on the 29th October?! Perhaps it will come to us in the November newsletter. Until then, thank you for reading and if you are clearing ice from your windscreen, wear gloves and stay warm.