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Oasis Dry Foam Brick

Oasis Dry Foam Brick


Oasis dry floral foam brick for dried flower and artificial floral designs. See dimensions below – can easily be cut down to size.

Candle Holder 3″


Candle Holder 8cm/3″ in diameter for fixing thick candles to your oasis base of your floral arrangements. Each holder is 6cm tall including 3cm spikes.

Oasis Bulb Bowl


This solid coloured round plastic bowl, comes in green and is approximately 26cm in diameter. The bulb bowl can be used for home, garden, floristry, gardening and plants.

Oasis Floral Foam Cylinder


Oasis Floral Foam Cylinder for your floral craft projects, can be cut to size and will arrive unwrapped. This delicate foam may contain some dents and scratches, as pictured.

Low Melt Glue Gun


This low melt glue gun operates at a lower temperature than conventional glue guns, ideal for most craft uses. Only suitable with low melt glue sticks, sold separately.

Hot Melt Glue Gun


This hot melt glue gun is ideal for most craft uses. Caution, the glue and the gun will become very hot and it is not advisable for children to use. Only suitable with hot melt glue sticks, sold separately.

Oasis Dry Sphere


Oasis Dry Sphere is approx 10cm in diameter.  As pictured these delicate oasis balls will contain some dents and scratches.

Bio Eco Friendly Oasis Ring with Plastic Tray


This Bio Oasis Foam wreath ring allows you to create arrangements that are more eco friendly. The base is waterproof, durable, and 100% biodegrades within 6 months. The Oasis Bio Floral Foam has been shown by ASTM D5511 to biodegrade 51.5% within 365 days and then up to 91% in 1100 days in biologically active landfill conditions.