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Oasis Bulb Bowl


This solid coloured round plastic bowl, comes in green and is approximately 26cm in diameter. The bulb bowl can be used for home, garden, floristry, gardening and plants.

Oasis Fix (A-TAC) Green


One metre of stricky green A-TAC to secure oasis to container. Please be careful to keep away from children and to not use this on walls or furniture.

Wreath Kit (Standard)


In our Wreath Kit (Standard) we’ve put together the essentials you will need for making a Christmas wreath. All you need to do is collect your preferred foliage and off you go. Take a look at our wreath making video guide if you need any instructions.

Oasis Floral Foam Cylinder


Oasis Floral Foam Cylinder for your floral craft projects, can be cut to size and will arrive unwrapped. This delicate foam may contain some dents and scratches, as pictured.

Mossing Pegs


Mossing Pegs, also known as German pins, can be used for a range of projects to secure stems firmly in place.

Spagnum Moss


Spagnum Moss is sold by the bag. As the moss is moist it is not sold by weight, but a full bag provides enough moss to cover a 12″ frame.

Low Melt Glue Gun


This low melt glue gun operates at a lower temperature than conventional glue guns, ideal for most craft uses. Only suitable with low melt glue sticks, sold separately.