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Cottage Garden Bridal Bouquet

Cottage Garden Bridal Bouquet


Our Cottage Garden Bridal Bouquet from our Cottage Garden Collection is a beautiful mix of pinks and blues for a stunning wedding display. Made to order by our florist.

Pink Blush Bridal Bouquet


Pink Blush Bridal Bouquet is a beautiful arrangement of pink and white dried flowers, hand tied with raffia and made to order by our florists

Naturals Bridesmaid Bouquet


Naturals Bridesmaid Bouquet is a beautiful arrangement of dried flowers with a natural tone, and contains several flowers and grasses grown on our farm.

Bramble Bridal Bouquet


Bramble Bridal Bouquet is a naturals and red design of our farm grown wheat, amaranthus and setaria for a wild and style country feel.

EH Classic 2020 Bridal Bouquet


Our EH Classic 2020 Bridal Bouquet is made using only dried flowers and grasses that have been grown and dried on our farm, including blue larkspur, white larkspur, yellow helichrysum, natural phalaris, and of course our hops.

Naturals Bridal Bouquet


Naturals Bridal Bouquet is a beautiful dried wedding flower design containing many of our own farm grown flowers and grasses, including our poppies, larkspur, lavender and hops.