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Eucalyptus Wreath 14"

Eucalyptus Wreath 14″


Our Eucalyptus Wreath on a 14″ frame is made using preserved and dyed eucalyptus leaves for a stunning and long lasting display. Made to order by our florists.

Cottage Garden Heart Wreath


The Cottage Garden Heart Wreath is part of our Cottage Garden Collection, with a mix of blue and pink larkspur, amaranthus and carthamus. Made to order by our florists.

Helichrysum Wreath

Helichrysum Wreath


This wreath is made from our own farm grown and dried helichrysum. Made specially to order by our florists, helichrysum heads have a vibrant and long lasting colour.

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Frozen 10″ Vine Wreath


Frozen 10″ Vine Wreath is a dried flower design in cool, light blue tones on a 10″ / 25cm vine wreath base.

Autumn Wreath

Autumn Wreath


This Autumn Wreath of dried wheat, sunflowers and carthamus all grown and dried on our farm is made on a 12″ frame and evokes the warm colours of the harvest season.

Cottage Garden Wreath


Our Cottage Garden Wreath is a mix of blue, pink and green flowers, many grown and dried on our farm. Made to order on a 12″ frame.

Frozen 12″ Wreath


Frozen 12″ Wreath is a cool naturals and blues dried flower design with wheat, echinops, poppies and wisps of stipa pennata.

Oat Wreath

Oat Wreath


Our Oat Wreath is a simple and elegant Autumn and harvest design, made to order by our florists using our own farm grown oats.