A huge selection of dried flowers & decoration, including grasses, leaves and seedpods for use in floral craft and home decor projects. Many varieties are grown and dried on our farm.

Our dried flowers & decoration are ideal for your floral craft projects. Create your own dried flower bouquets, buttonholes and other wedding flowers. You can also use your favourite stems to match your d├ęcor and design stunning displays at home.

Each picture shows the typical bunch you will receive. Descriptions provide an approximate number of stems and length. We have not processed the pictures and the colour is as true as possible, however as a natural product the colour may vary from bunch to bunch.

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Birch Dried


A bunch of birch sticks 65-70cm long, approx 10 stems per bunch. Some may contain catkins.

Maritima Pine Cone


Maritima Pine Cone is approximately 10-20cm long and can be put to use in a variety of creative projects, or look great arranged in a bowl.

Cinnamon Stick Bag (1kg)


These 8-9cm long Cinnamon Sticks are ideal for decorating Christmas wreaths, giving a distinctive sesonal scent. A bulk bag is approx 1Kg

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Lotus Pod


Dried lotus pods are an eye catching decoration to add to any floral display. The unique structure and warm brown colour makes it a perfect addition to dried wreaths and floral arrangements. Lotus pods are often painted gold or silver by those with a creative flare in festive arrangements. Sold individually.

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Taru Coffee Pods Bag (250g approx)

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Taru Coffee Pods Bag (250g approx) are interestingly shaped exotics that can be used in floral arrangements or you could even use them for hanging decorations.