A huge selection of dried flowers & decoration, including grasses, leaves and seedpods for use in floral craft and home decor projects. Many varieties are grown and dried on our farm.

Our dried flowers & decoration are ideal for your floral craft projects. Create your own dried flower bouquets, buttonholes and other wedding flowers. You can also use your favourite stems to match your décor and design stunning displays at home.

Each picture shows the typical bunch you will receive. Descriptions provide an approximate number of stems and length. We have not processed the pictures and the colour is as true as possible, however as a natural product the colour may vary from bunch to bunch.

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Broom Bloom Bleached


Broom Bloom Bleached dried flowers are very popular for their light and modern look. Great used in arrangements with a splash of colour.

Fern Bleached


Fern Bleached leaves add a stunning structure to dried flower arrangements and look great displayed in a vase. They pair beautifully with our other dried flowers but are very delicate.  The stems are brittle and need additional support and extremely careful handling.

Honesty (Lunaria) Bleached


This Lunaria (Honesty) has been bleached to go with the latest trend in dried flowers. A beautiful, sought-after seedpod, just got a little more special.

Oats Bleached


Dried Bleached Oats are approximately 60cm in length. This bunch can add a clean, soft look to any arrangement but can also make an impact on their own.

Ruscus Bleached


Ruscus Bleached is a beautiful and contemporary dried leaf to use in your floral arrangements and would also look stunning displayed in a vase.