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Beach Grass XL


This bunch of Beach Grass XL creates height and texture with its wispy heads. This particular bunch from our dried grasses collection stands over 80cm tall.

Miscanthus Grass Dried Natural


Perfect for adding height to any arrangement, this bunch of Miscanthus grass will stand tall whilst also adding a fluffy texture. A natural colour that will suit most styles and themes.

Approx 8-10 stems, 70-80cm.

Poppy Hen and Chickens


Poppy Hen and Chickens are grown and dried on our farm. These natural seedpods, a variety of papaver somniferum, are so named because of their unique shape resembling a cluster of chicks around the main pod.  Their light blue-grey colour is a great addition to a natural floral arrangement.

Hydrangea stem


Hydrangea stem is naturally dried and is a beautiful flower to fill a vase or use in your arrangements. Sold by the stem and has a colour variation of pink to green-blue.

Catgrass Dried Natural


The bunches of Catgrass are approximately 60-70cm long. This grass can add height and texture to a vase arrangement, whilst keeping a classic, rustic theme.

Cinnamon Stick Bag (1kg)


These 8-9cm long Cinnamon Sticks are ideal for decorating Christmas wreaths, giving a distinctive sesonal scent. A bulk bag is approx 1Kg

Cane Cone Stem (10 bunch)


Bunch of ten cane cones, make for fun decoration in a vase, or as part of an arrangement. All natural wood, they can be coloured to suit different seasons and occaisions.

Cardoon (Artichoke)


Cardoons are a great addition to your arrangements, but striking enough to stand alone in a vase.

The stem count, head size, and length will vary, but each bunch has at least 3 heads.

Each bunch is unique, take a look through our gallery for examples of our Cardoon bunches.

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Eryngium HG Dried


This variety of Eryngium has smaller heads for a more delicate display. Ideal for natural, rustic and wild styles.

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Phleum (Timothy Grass)


Phleum (Timothy Grass) is useful in dried arrangements for its charming spires of natural colour.