Fresh Hop Garland – Collection

The Fresh Hop Season has Now Ended for 2021

Fresh hops for collection and delivery have now finished for this year and will not be available until mid-august 2022.

We do however have some beautiful NEW Dried Hop Garlands available; all of which have been kiln-dried in September 2021. They are vibrant, green and a fantastic alternative to hanging fresh garlands.

Click here to view the new season dried hop garlands.

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Fresh Hop Garlands are a beautiful and traditional way to decorate your home or venue. Hung over beams or arches, hops are said to bring good luck. They have a wonderful fragrance and will dry naturally where they are hung.

Add a new touch to your home, pub, or venue with freshly picked hop garlands, only available during the hop harvest season. Fresh hop garlands for decoration look great, and smell lovely too, making them ideal for draping over your doors, beams, dressers or cupboards. Our fresh hops are approx. 2.5 to 3m (approx. 8 to 10ft) long and 20 to 30cm wide.

Hops are a wonderful piece of Kentish tradition. They have a wonderful vibrant colour and fresh fruity-herby aroma. After you hang them they will dry naturally and the colour will slowly change to a lighter greeny yellow. If you have never had hops before, they’re easy to hang, just watch our ‘How to Hang Fresh Hops’ video.


A few important notes on fresh hop garlands:

  • their stems have a rough and surface which can scratch your skin and may cause short-term irritation, so we recommend you wear thin gloves and long-sleeved clothing when you are hanging your hops.
  • Hop cones contain lupulin, which has a wonderful fragrance, but can leave marks that stain. Be careful of your clothes and furniture.
  • You can hang hops almost anywhere, but they must be hung where they will not be knocked by people. As they dry out naturally, they will be delicate and will drop petals if knocked.
  • Try to avoid hanging your hops direct sunlight as light will turn the vibrant green garland yellow much faster.
  • Your garland MUST be removed from its box the moment it arrives. It is a fresh and moist item and will spoil in the box.
  • Fresh hop garlands, like cut flowers, may contain insects such as aphids and ladybirds.

Fresh hops are only available during the hop season, so if you would like hops at other times of year then do take a look at our Dried Hop Garlands


Fresh Hop Shop Collection

A member of our team will call you to arrange your collection time.

Collection slots are between 1pm-3pm, Monday to Friday.

Non collection results in 50% refund.

Fresh Hop Hanging and Care Instructions

Fresh hops must be removed from the box and hung as soon as possible, and at least within 24 hours of delivery.

They are a fresh, damp product and will spoil if left in the box. For this reason we are unable to accept returns or refunds.

Take a look at our guide to hanging hops here.