Eucalyptus Stuartiana Dyed Red Preserved Leaves


Eucalyptus Stuartiana Red Preserved Leaves are beautiful used in arrangements to add warmth, especially in Autumn displays.

Eucalyptus is a natural product and the colour will vary from bunch to bunch AND in different light conditions. Our photographs are taken in Daylight; this will make their appearance a lot lighter.

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Dyed, Preserved

Plant Type


Number of Stems

6 – 9

Care Instructions

To keep your dried flowers looking great it is best not to get them wet and to keep them out of direct sunlight, which will cause them to lose their vibrancy. Handle your flowers delicately as they can be brittle. If you place your dried flowers near heat, such as above a radiator, it will dry them further and make them more brittle.

If well looked after your dried flowers will last for months and even years. Some of our regular customers like to bring their flowers in once a year to be spruced up.

Important: This item is dyed and the colour may run, especially if it gets wet. Please handle with care to avoid marking your clothes, furniture, or walls.

Returns Policy & Terms

Dried flowers and dried decorative products are perishable and transient goods, and a degree of natural variance can be expected against product listings and images shown as you would expect. For this reason, we are not obliged to compensate, credit or refund an order. Please check our Returns Policy before you order and take a look through our full Terms & Conditions.