Dried Hop Garland – Vintage


Ideal for one off events, period productions and set dressing; these aged and ‘vintage look’ dried hop garlands are perfect for that classic look and feel. They have been carefully stored however they will be very brittle with more golden and pale green tones due to the age, so care when handling and decorating is essential. Please read more below about how to hang them and about what to expect if you have never had dried hops before.

×Product images were taken in September 2021. Please remember that these are natural products and each hop garland is unique with regard to size, length and colour

For those looking for deeper and more vibrant colour, take a look at our new season dried hop garlands.

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All of our hops are grown on our farm here in Bekesbourne. Each dried hop garland will arrive individually boxed with detailed hanging instructions. The garlands will be delivered to your door, coiled in a box, ready for you to stretch out and hang in place. You need to carefully and firmly hang them in place, and cut any excess leaf and stalk away. Dried hop garlands arrive untrimmed.

As they are picked from the hop gardens you will find they naturally have more hop flowers at one end than the other.

Dried hop garlands may be brittle, so expect to make some mess as you handle them. We advise opening the box and leaving them to ‘condition’ for 24 hours – this allows the garland to absorb just a little moisture from the atmosphere and should make them a little bit easier to handle. This is best done in a an outdoor building such as a shed or garage where the ambient humidity is higher. There will be droppage, so get your vacuum cleaner ready, and their will be waste which you should throw away, just like when you throw away peels and cores of your vegetables. Watch our How to Hang Dried Hops video for more information.

The dried hop garlands are approx. 2.5-3m in length, with a width of of 15-30cm. We pick our hop garlands in late August and during this season we also have Fresh Hop Garlands available, which are a little easier to handle.

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