Watch our video guide on how to make Eco-Friendly Hop Bine and Dried Flower Wreath Kit. Purchase your kit here.

Environmentally Friendly Dried Flower Wreath Guide

  1. Unpack your kit and make sure you have all the materials and florist scissors ready to hand.
  2. Prepare the dried flowers by cutting down the stems (approx. 12 – 14cm is a good length) and organise them into piles
  3. Start by tying the natural twine to the hop bine wreath
  4. Once ready to begin, pick small bunches and start binding them to the wreath. Use longer flowers and foliage at the back to form the base and small amounts of flowers at a time to stop the design looking to heavy.
  5. Wind the twine around the wreath to secure the stems with every bunch you place.
  6. Continue binding bunches until you are happy with the design or run out of prepared dried flowers. Tie off twine with a good strong knot.
  7. Finish your design with the raffia and tie it into a natural bow to complete your wreath.
  8. That’s it. Well done and feel free to share your finished design with us on social media.