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Wedding flower FAQs


Before you get in touch with our florists, take a look at some of the most frequently asked wedding floristry questions we receive from our brides and grooms to be, and explore the different options.

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Once you’ve placed your order for our online collections and dried flower arrangements; these are passed to our florist to hand-make and dispatched to you when completed. We quote up to 14 days for your order to be delivered; however it usually arrives within 7 days if our florists are not busy with orders and weddings.

Our online collections are dried flowers only, however we do offer fresh wedding flowers as part of our bespoke wedding flower service, however please note the minimum spend is £1,500 for a fresh flower wedding.

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For our online collections, we recommend taking delivery 1-4 weeks before your special day, occasion or presenting them, and do not recommend ordering them more than 2 months in advance. Whilst storage can be for much longer, bespoke arrangements, displays and bouquets are always at their best straight from our expert florists.

For our bespoke wedding flowers, its always best to start the process up to 6 months before your wedding day.

Essentially Hops is based at Chalkpit Farm on the outskirts of Canterbury; as such, our florists are able to install wedding flowers in most local venues in the East Kent Area. If you want to find out specifically if we can cover your area, please complete the bespoke wedding form or contact our florists directly using:

For online collections, we ship all over the UK.

We’ve worked with hundreds of happy couples over the years in the East Kent area and as such, have worked across a variety of local venues and churches. We are also preferred florists for many of the local venues that may include Winters Barns, Preston Court, Old Kent Barn, Canterbury Cathedral, Littlebourne Barn, Swarling Manor and Mount Ephraim.

Generally our florists are available for installations with the majority of bespoke weddings and depending on the bespoke arrangements that have been ordered; we do this for our bespoke wedding services only. To find out more and to check florist availability, simple complete the bespoke wedding form.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide samples of our dried flower arrangements, however you can view examples of our work in our wedding album section and we usually have some examples to hand if you book a wedding consultation with our florists.

For our online collections, there is no minimum spend; simply add the products to your basket and checkout as usual!

For bespoke weddings, we have a minimum spend of £500 for dried flower weddings and £1,500 for fresh flower weddings.

Our online collections have been specifically designed by our florists using a variety of dried flowers that have been selected to compliment the composition, and as such, can not be changed.

If you like the look and style of an arrangement or bouquet but want to add your own influence, you will need to place a ‘bespoke’ wedding order via the enquiry form.

With regard to storing dried flower arrangements such as dried flower bouquets and wedding flowers; we recommend removing them from there cellophane wrapping and packaging, and placing them somewhere safe from harm, in the dark and upright to retain shape and structure.

Similar to fresh flowers being perishable, dried flowers are a ‘transient’ and ‘impermanent’ product. Kiln-drying and preservation will make them last much longer, however they are still natural flowers and will deteriorate over time; depending on how they are stored, maintained and cared for.

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It is best to display your dried flowers and dried flower arrangements indoors to prolong their life and protect them from the elements. Keep them away from direct sunlight and areas of bright light, as this will cause the colour to fade rapidly and can make the dried flowers very brittle.

Avoid keeping dried flower arrangements in rooms or areas with high humidity and moisture, as can cause them to turn limp, brown or even to get mouldy.

Whilst our own dried flowers are kiln-dried, others, such as leaves, dyed & bleached products are treated with water based solutions which can “weep” from the stem. This is especially evident in cold damp conditions. Wipe the stems and hang in a warm dry environment.

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Like most things on display in our homes. dried flower arrangements can also get dirty and dusty.

Using compressed air sprays, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners or dusters ‘very gently and with great care’ may help extend the life of your flowers for a few weeks, however they can also cause serious damage to flowers and in some cases, deteriorate them beyond display.

If in doubt, we suggest ordering new or replacement dried flowers to brighten up your home. Whilst there is a cost involved, its far more cost effective to order dried flowers than replacing fresh flowers every few weeks!

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