A fantastic option for eco-friendly weddings, biodegradable confetti is lightweight, pretty, and kind to the environment.

Here, we share all there is to know about biodegradable confetti, including the different types, the benefits of choosing it, and how it can be displayed.


Biodegradable petal confetti


Why do we throw confetti?

The tradition of throwing confetti is thought to have started in Italy during the Middle Ages and has been a highlight of UK weddings since Pagan times. We throw confetti to bestow good luck, fertility and happiness on the newlyweds, plus it’s a lovely way for guests to celebrate the happy couple as they take their first steps into married life.

Originally, confetti would have been made from flowers, petals, and even rice, but less sustainable options, such as paper and plastic, have been introduced over time. With people becoming more environmentally conscious and seeking eco-friendly, sustainable options, natural confetti has become popular again, with many venues insisting that only biodegradable options are used.


Benefits of choosing biodegradable confetti

There are numerous advantages to using biodegradable confetti.

  • It’s an environmentally friendly option and reduces waste due to breaking down easily after use
  • Due to being made from lightweight materials, biodegradable confetti floats slowly to the ground. Perfect for those magical confetti photos!
  • Many wedding venues will only allow biodegradable confetti to be thrown, so it’ best to be prepared
  • It’s non-toxic which means that it isn’t dangerous for animals



Bride and groom with biodegradable confetti


Types of biodegradable confetti

There are two main types of biodegradable confetti: paper and petals. Both options will break down quicker that standard paper or metallic confetti, especially when used outside. As with standard confetti, biodegradable options come in a range of colours, with petal confetti being especially pretty thanks to its natural tones.

Petal confetti may be a better choice than biodegradable confetti for a number of reasons. It breaks down more easily and gives weddings an undeniably romantic feel. Petal confetti can also be used to decorate your aisle and tables, seamlessly bringing your ceremony and wedding breakfast décor together.


How to display biodegradable confetti

As with all confetti, your can display your biodegradable confetti in a variety of ways. This means that you can choose an option that suits your theme. Remember that some of these ideas are more eco-friendly than others.

  • Confetti cones
  • Organza bags
  • Sealable packets
  • A basket or decorative bowl



Box of biodegradable petal confetti


Petal confetti FAQs

We sell beautiful biodegradable petal confetti at Essentially Hops. Created from delphinium (larkspur) petals, our natural confetti is available in pink, blue, ivory, and pale pink.

Find out more about petal confetti in our FAQs.


How long does petal confetti last?

Petal confetti lasts around a year, so you can purchase it in advance of your wedding if you want to be organised.


How do you store petal confetti?

To ensure that your petal confetti stays looking its best, keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, humidity, and damp. Storing your petal confetti in an airtight contain will help to preserve it too. Find out more about how to store dried flowers.


Which petals make the best confetti?

Delphinium (or larkspur) petals makes lovely biodegradable confetti. Small, delicate, and available in a variety of colours, this confetti will make you feel like you’re walking under blossom trees as you head down the aisle. The Royal Family use a mix of ivory and pale pink delphinium confetti, so you’ll be in good company!


Does petal confetti stain?

Natural petal confetti is unlikely to stain as no dyes are used and all moisture has been removed.


How much petal confetti do I need for 50 guests?

Typically, a 1 litre bag of petal confetti will provide 10 handfuls. So for 50 guests you’d need 5 litres, for 100 guests you’d need 10 litres, and so on.


We hope that we’ve helped you to understand all there is to know about biodegradable confetti. Shop our natural larkspur petal confetti in a range of colours.