Choosing the perfect wedding flowers is important for every couple, and the symbolic meaning behind popular options might help you to make your decision.

Here, we share some of our favourite dried wedding flowers and why you should consider them for your special day.


Amaranthus symbolises everlasting love, making it a popular choice for weddings. This bloom adds a striking colour, texture, and shape to bouquets. It’s complemented by a variety of dried flowers through adding drama to delicate bouquets or pairing with other interesting shapes and textures to create something truly eye-catching.

It’s the longevity of Amaranthus that makes it a symbol of eternal love. Named after the Greek word amarantos, meaning unfading flower, Amaranthus blooms for a long time and lasts up to 12-days in a bouquet after being cut. In addition to be a gorgeous addition to dried wedding bouquets and arrangements, parts of Amaranthus can be eaten as part of various recipes, and it was an important crop for the Aztecs many years ago!

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A pretty option for wedding flowers, daisies symbolise a number of thoughtful sentiments, including new beginnings, loyal love, and harmony.

Daisies are perfect for wedding bouquets as they are composite flowers, which means that rather than being one single flower, they are made up of flowers coming together which symbolises the union of two people and their families.

Dried daisies complement lots of different flowers, but look especially nice with pale pinks, such as roses, lagarus, and larkspur, and natural tones. The addition of daisies provides a pure and rustic look, perfect for boho or vintage style weddings. They’re also a popular choice for flower girls due to white daisies symbolising innocence and pink daisies representing gentleness.

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Symbolising strength and protection, eucalyptus is a popular addition to wedding flowers due to its attractive green tone and ability to add fullness to arrangements. Used for centuries to clear away negative energy, eucalyptus is a great choice for a married life full of positivity and resilient spirit.

Eucalyptus is also known for its soothing properties, making it ideal for brides looking for a calming influence to add to their bouquet. The plant is also thought to bring wealth and prosperity, both welcomed by newlywed couples, and is considered to be one of the luckiest plants according to Feng Shui.

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Famous for its vibrant purple colour and relaxing fragrance, lavender symbolises devotion and loyalty, the perfect sentiments for a wedding. Lavender adds a pop of colour to bouquets, buttonholes, and other wedding arrangements, and it’s perfect for rustic and boho celebrations. Couples may also choose lavender due to its links to elegance and luxury.

Believed to attract good fortune and protect against bad energy, lavender complements a range of dried flowers and grasses, including larkspur, eucalyptus, roses, and helichrysum. In addition to including dried lavender in your wedding flower arrangements, it can be used as confetti, in organza bags as a favour, and even in cocktails!

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No wedding flower list would be complete without roses, one of the most famous symbols of love. A lovely choice for a traditional English wedding, dried roses are perfect in bouquets, buttonholes, and centrepieces. Available in a range of tones, the meaning of roses comes down to which colour you choose:

  • Red – Love and romance
  • White – Charm
  • Pink – Happiness
  • Orange – Fascination
  • Yellow – Joy

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Of course, you can choose to mix different roses to create your wedding arrangements and include numerous positive sentiments. Dried roses look great with many dried flowers, enabling you to use your imagination when it comes to planning your theme. Popular options include helichrysum, achillea, and lavender.

We hope we’ve given you some wedding flower inspiration! For more ideas, take a look at our dried wedding flower collections, or get crafty and create your own dried flower arrangements.